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Open’ Competition entry forms  (when available) and results are posted -  HERE

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 NEW MENU ITEM - Club Score Sheets (to print) are  listed - HERE

•  Links for our Sports Management are all listed -  HERE

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In the age of ‘social media’ these web sites are becoming a lonely place and not the ‘shop window’ that they once were. However, I think you should get a feel of what we do by what I have made available to the site. Entry forms and results, if you’re a society member and thinking of taking part in one of the competitions we host. A host of things that may just be ‘nice to know’, plus information that may be of use from time to time. For courses just phone the number given at the bottom of any page, or alternatively, email from the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Now! Just so you know this. IF you have your browser set to prevent tracking, then you will not be able to see the ‘twitter’ feed……. Probably! ALSO, the Met Office widget has now been declared obsolete so I’ve given you a link to ‘Killingworth Weather’ instead. There is plenty to keep you amused there if you need to check on local weather?

Hello from  Killingworth archers.

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Club Information: The club A.G.M. Is over for 2018. Indoor dates are as follows: Percy Hedley starts on 11th September from 6-30 until 9pm. NOTE change of time back to ‘normal’. Wallsend Burnside starts 19th September from 6-60 until 9pm. Churchill starts on 6th October from 10am until 1pm. Club fees are due to be paid before the final day of September including monthly fee for September. Fees payable remain unchanged for this year.