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From 1975 to now. 44 years at Longmeadows so far

Beginner’s Courses - Call Margaret on 07761-619840 or email us from “Contact Us” page.            Member Private Area

WHO WE ARE: - Killingworth Archers was formed in April 1975 with the help of Killingworth Sports Centre and North Tyneside Council. The founder members were Eddie Bransfield, Tommy Hagan, Derek Carter, Bryan Imrie and George McGowan. The club badge was taken from the design on the ‘Killingworth’ family grave stone, unfortunately now so badly weathered that it can no longer be seen in detail.

COACHING & COACHES - The club is well represented by qualified archery coaches from coach to Senior coach standard and we achieved ‘Club Mark’ status in 2008. We appear on the ‘Club Mark’ web site as a club that has proved it is capable of providing a safe well managed environment for juniors in the sport. Here we show our club secretary of the time receiving the ‘Club Mark’ certificate from the President of ArcheryGB of the time.

Killingworth Archers runs and advertises it’s adherence to a ‘Child and Vulnerable Adults Policy’ so we have some restrictions on entry age level. You may find many clubs have a similar approach but this should not prevent you enquiring about the sport if you have young children.

We also encourage shooting by the visually impaired provided that the archer has a competent ‘spotter’ as an assistant. Seldom are we in a position to admit that someone cannot shoot, and, if done, is usually on safety grounds.

ArcheryGB (G.N.A.S.) Has a web site at and within this site you can search for some of the many clubs available both locally and nationally.

Here is a little  bit about us.


WHERE WE ARE: - We are based outdoors at Killingworth in North Tyneside, which is to the North East of Newcastle upon Tyne, and have outdoor facilities at ‘Longmeadows’ which is also the venue of Killingworth Young Peoples Club. We have use of this outdoor facility year round. In the winter, for ‘club nights’ and week-ends we use local school premises.


Finally we have George, one of the founder members from 1975 and in a characteristic pose minutes before another story is started. No longer with us and often missed.