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From 1975 to now. 43 years at Longmeadows so far

Beginner’s Courses - Call Margaret on 07761-619840 or email us from “Contact Us” page.            Member Private Area

Bilge file update - December 2nd.

Nothing to report………Other than the annual ‘charity box’ is available at both Percy Hedley and Churchill. This is for any donation in lieu of Christmas cards for each other. We all get to choose a charity at the Festive shoot and the winner is drawn out of a hat. Last years “thank-you” letter is on the ‘nice-to-know’ page.

Chatter Box

(me ‘arties!) All comments are my own and in no way reflect those of the club. This page has been provided as I was told the web site is ‘functional’ but missing my old wisdom and humour. (If you can ever call it that?