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A sad piece of news arrived yesterday when we heard that John Purvis had died suddenly on Saturday night. Now, for the newer members of the club John was a gentleman of the first order. From the perspective of the club we can go back to early 2000 when we had a member Victoria Aynsley, (of the yellow bow with hand-painted dragon) shooting with the club. Once in a while John would appear but no-one thought much about it. In those days we used to end shooting and go to a pub to discuss the shots that would have been 10’s had not the ground moved or the arrow fly improperly, however, one night we had a change of venue! Into the pub we went only to find John and Victoria already there, in the corner. RUMBLED!

Anyway, they married, we lost a member but were delighted that Archery had proved the catalyst in the relationship. Victoria had a company “The Designatory” and designed the cover for the 2002 D.N.A.A.  Video production “An Insight into Coaching Visually Impaired Archers”. This was years ahead of it’s time and was a co-operation between “North Tyneside College Media Studies” and D.N.A.A. Without Victoria or John things could have been so much bleaker and it’s sad for me to lose someone who  was as genuine as you could get.

Now are you anything like me? Browsing around AGB web site or World Archery for any news that’s interesting? If so, did you notice “Future World Archery Masters Championships” to integrate with World Masters Games.

For anyone, like me, over the age of 50+ (50+++++ for me, more like it!) “Masters” indicates a mature age although 45 or 50 still seems rather young to me. It is NOT the AGB version of ‘Master’ that refers to classification.

World Archery host the first “Masters” Championships this year in August at the Lausanne Excellence Centre while the next one will join the “World Masters Games” in Kansai, Japan, but not until 2021.

After that it will be 2023 but an “Archery only” event for us (home again), and then in 2025 as, once again, part of the “World Masters Games”.

Tom Dielen (World Archery) mentions 40+ and above while I would be goggle eyed at an age so young being called “Master”, as I can almost double that number, however, I would be pleased if AGB looked more closely at people my age as “valued members”. The other side of the coin is that we all have to admit to the age we have so AGB could accurately measure the membership, in demographic terms, however, that chatter is for another day?

My last entry included………

Our long time visitor to the club, Ken and trusty sidekick ‘Fred’ have just returned from Lilleshall after taking part in the ‘National Disabilities’ event, sponsored by the ‘Worshipful Company of Fletchers’ alongside AGB. For those of you who would like to re-live Ken’s winning GOLD medal match at the AGB  Shoot at Joan’s pleasingly titled Lilly-Shell on Sunday 24th June, then just follow this link. Actually, you can follow most of the finals matches if you wish, and, if you have a ‘smart’ TV why not  make it BIG SCREEN?

And a new bit this time…….. This year Ken is trying these “National Tour” events but I must admit it does cost a fortune for entry, travel and, as we live way up here, for accommodation while away shooting. Having said that I can appreciate the merit of testing yourself against other of similar interest level. I accept, and always believed, that archery was pretty unique. We all band together from casual pass-time ‘archers’, all the way up to those gifted enough with a skill level that borders upon, or even exceeds, International level. It isn’t easy. We don’t go in for ‘Premiership’ clubs or ‘Pub Teams’ usually although I would not be surprised, in future, to find clubs little interested in beginners courses but facilitating only competition and, alternatively, clubs who wish only to shoot a few arrows and totally disinterested in any form of competition. I’m not convinced that you can have a ‘one size fits all’ sport, however hard you try?

Chatter over….. For now.

Chatter Box (me ‘arties!)

All comments are my own and in no way reflect those of the club. This page has been provided as I was told the web site is ‘functional’ but missing my old wisdom and humour. (If you can ever call it that?)