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September is half way gone and October 1st is not too far away. If you Haven’t renewed membership of AGB (and the club) then time is running out. We’ve had two evenings at Percy Hedley but Churchill is still three weeks away (2 Saturdays’s outdoors and then inside)

Clout Family Rathbone visited Green Lane for the County Clout last Sunday and returned with a generous return of awards. Kath, Christine and Jenny and Steve, (plus Lee as part of Killingworth Team) are also included although not resplendent in  Rathbone chic! I must source a photo for you all to see. Also Phil Thompson won his first Tassel. Sorry if you were there and I miss you out. I’ll give you a mention once the results are out and I can peruse them in the luxury of the arm-chair!

Ken is doing well after an upset in Leicester last week-end. After being catapulted out of the wheelchair he found, after two days competition, that the hotel restaurant was closed for the evening! I shall not utter another word about this! Needless to say Ken was “not amused.”

Jenny, Kath, Ken and Matthew have all been selected to represent the county at the 5 counties shoot,  plus Annabel Garner and Abbie Taylor in the Junior shoot, plus Jenny and Matthew and this year it will be held in Cumbria. I wish them all well.

For the moment that’s all I have to say.

Chatter Box (me ‘arties!)

All comments are my own and in no way reflect those of the club. This page has been provided as I was told the web site is ‘functional’ but missing my old wisdom and humour. (If you can ever call it that?)