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From 1975 to now. 43 years at Longmeadows so far

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Bilge file update - November 6th .

lMalcolm has waited such a long time to win anything but this week-end managed to do just that. Here it is!  Team member for the Killingworth Team Trophy. Note from the club. You MUST eat a little more at competition. Don’t want you shrinking away to a skelington!

Clout family Rathbone in the chic team Rathbone tops will be moved to ‘the gallery’ under “Stuff”.

The Club Indoor Open was last week-end and thanks go to anyone and everyone who helped set-up or take down. Results are still to be completed and some transporting of targets to be done but it’s over for now and the next club hosted shoot is not until next year. The Danage targets seemed to be relatively well received although they were so light they did dance around the floor somewhat. We do have time to work out some non-slip booties for them before March!

For interested members we have a postal recurve match on Tuesday 6th and a longbow match, I think, on Saturday. I’m not sure about the compound team but I’m sure I’ll learn what’s planned? Anyway, apart from the old old news that’s me done for now.

OLD ‘OLD’ NEWS: - Now usually most clubs avoid having “For Sale” pages as it always seems to fall into the hole of suggesting we are suppliers, when we really aren’t, however, a apsed member has some kit for sale and you may be interested or know of someone who could be interested, but it’s LEFT handed kit. Anyway the details are as follows:

“Hi, I have full set of equipment for sale if you could please pass on to your membership. I have previously been a member of the club, last time 2015+16. It’s left handed equipment, good quality and too much detail to put on here. Thanks in advance, David Torrance - Source -”

Now there you have it. Good quality equipment at a reasonable price is hard to find so it may be worthwhile exploring if you, or someone you know, is a leftie?

For the moment that’s all I have to say but I’m sure there will be more?

Chatter Box (me ‘arties!) All comments are my own and in no way reflect those of the club. This page has been provided as I was told the web site is ‘functional’ but missing my old wisdom and humour. (If you can ever call it that?)