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stuff that is nice to Know, whatever your club

Range Registration.

Burnside. - Percy Hedley

Churchill - Longmeadows

• Want to understand handicaps a little better? Then start with a tutorial on ‘handicaps’. If you know little then this may help although it’s some years since it was written it should be mostly relevant? An on-line Q & A section is included so you can refine your understanding. Also, the next time anyone asks what handicap you hold, then you’ll know exactly what it is and how it is calculated. LINK HERE.

• This entry is a list of ‘common’ archery terms that you may refer to. It isn’t comprehensive but does contain many of the popular words and sayings. LINK HERE

• Although tailored for the club, here are a few common questions that any club will need to answer. LINK HERE.

• Here is a short list of some rounds and the Handicap system…Rounds & Handicaps. LINK HERE

   Club Round Rota: - HERE

   For the Juniors - Results of Regional Winter Postal (So far)     - HERE

• For parents of juniors and any member of any club, here are a few tips and a little advice LINK HERE.

Public News: - HERE

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“Christmas Card” Charity.

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