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From 1975 to now. 43 years at Longmeadows so far

Beginner’s Courses - Call Margaret on 07761-619840 or email us from “Contact Us” page.            Member Private Area

The table is split into ‘Indoor’ and ‘Outdoor’, ‘Novice’ and ‘Club’ records, but you will find that the ‘Frostbite’ records under the ‘indoor’ spreadsheets. Please select required records from the table.

Novice Records: - You will notice absolutely HEAPS of open records here. This is because these have been introduced to allow you to attempt them in your first year in archery. Introduced in 2007, plenty are still there for the taking if you apply yourself a little. Ask about it at the club. Kath Hall looks at the results and will produce these lists for you to view. All you need to do is shoot a round, record the score on one of the score sheets stored at a venue and either give the sheet to Kath OR place it in the envelope for results sheets. It’s that simple. Once a record is claimed as a ‘Novice’ this will remain on record until it is bettered by another Novice and will not be removed once you have completed more than one year as a club member.

Records have been there for many years but there are many records which are ‘free’, either as the rounds are unpopular or we have no proof that the round has been shot for record purposes.

Club Records: - ‘Club’ records listed here are for archers beyond their first year of club membership. The records here may have stood for many years but others are open to claim. It is only your interest that may drive you to try for these but they are for all to view.

A NOTE TO ALL CLUB MEMBERS:- To allow Kath to keep your records up to date within the rules and regulations of ArcheryGB can you ensure that if you are shooting rounds (indoor or outdoor) outside the county boundaries, or, at another club anywhere, that you give a witnessed score sheet or tournament results list to Kath. All scores, wherever shot, should be in the club record book, otherwise the handicap & classification may not be accurate. - “Thanks” from Kath.

Your pb, records & Handicaps

Club  Flight / Club Field Records



ALL Club Personal Bests


Outdoor Records including Clout

Outdoor Novice Records

Outdoor Records including Clout

Outdoor Club Records

    Senior           -      Junior

     Senior         -        Junior

Summer Handicaps

     All Summer Handicaps

Outdoor Handicaps.pdf



Indoor Records (plus Frostbite)

Indoor Club Records


Indoor Novice Records

Indoor Records (plus Frostbite)

             Novice Indoor

Winter Handicaps

       Senior       -       Junior

“Prize Night” Document Copies:                                         Awards List Autumn - Junior Certificates - Junior Records Certificates - Senior Records Certificates.