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Burnside School

Beginner’s courses will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6-45 pm until 9 pm and are held at Burnside School, Wallsend. Courses last for 6 weeks. These are usually held over the winter months.

The course administrator will try to let you know if you are able to be placed on the next course, or one planned for later as we are limited to the numbers that we can accommodate on each course and, often, the list of those interested is longer than the maximum number we can place on a course.

As we use school premises we regret that courses may be delayed during exam time when the shooting hall may be used as an exam venue. In this event we try to find and alternative venue.

All equipment is provided and fully qualified ArcheryGB coaches, often accompanied by experienced club archers run the courses.

How much will it cost? - ‘Club’ current monthly fees are £10 for an Adult & £5 for a junior, however, monthly membership fees are reviewed annually.

 ‘County, Region & National’ - Annual Fees for one full year 1-10- 2017 to 30-9- 2018 for all new members are:

For a Senior over 25: - ArcheryGB - £44-00 +

Northern Region - £2-00 + county - £3-50 = a total of £49-50

For a Senior under 18 to 24: - ArcheryGB - £11-00 +

Northern Region - £2-00 + county - £3-50 = a total of £16-50

For a Junior under 18: - ArcheryGB - £11-00 +

Northern Region - £0-20 + county - FREE = a total of £11-20

For a ‘disabled’ member (all ages): - ArcheryGB - £11-00 +

Northern Region - £0-20 + county - £3-50 = a total of £14-70.

Reduced National fees may apply for members joining after March.

Churchill School

Churchill School, Wallsend.

(Opposite North Tyneside College)

Saturday Mornings.

10-00am until 1-00pm (winter only)

Other venues:  - Apart from Burnside being used for beginner’s courses it is also used for ad-hoc coaching and junior sessions.

Percy Hedley Sports Hall is used as a club venue, normally on Tuesday evenings and Churchill School premises is used as a club and competition venue on Saturdays, or when a competition, on Sunday’s.

Longmeadows in Killingworth is used as our outdoor venue and outdoor competition venue.


Venues & fees

Percy Hedley

Percy Hedley School, West Lane,

Killingworth. NE12 7BH.

Tuesday evenings.

6-30pm until 9-00pm. (Winter only)

Garth 21